About Bitspiration

A bit of integration, a kilobit of inspiration, a megabit of information.

Welcome to Bitspiration!

After the huge success of the three previous editions, we can proudly say that Bitspiration is one of the best tech events in Europe! Recommended by TechCrunch, appreciated by international experts including Advocate Developer Google, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Each year we raise the bar higher and set larger goals.

This year’s goal is to gather people from different industries and discuss how new technologies determine their business strategies and general development. To this end, we are focusing on the digital revolution, and the music and biotechnological industries




Bitspiration is a wonderful event whether you are an American discovering the European technology and entertainment scene or whether you are a European wanting to meet and impact influencers 

- Keith Teare, TechCrunch

You can enjoy Bitspiration Festival thanks to PROIDEA – Polish company that specializes in organizing unique, hip and relevant tech conferences. The team of young, organized and creative people does their best to make sure that our conference will be an engaging experience and educational fun.
Want to meet them? Find us on Facebook, our website or Twitter.