Bartosz Gonczarek
CEO & Co-Founder @ Explain Everything
Bartosz Gonczarek is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Explain Everything, Inc., an innovative company that created a popular interactive screencasting whiteboard app used by over 2 million students and teachers worldwide. Passionate about technology and problem solving, during early days of his professional career in IT Bartosz decided to change his focus to people and surrounding issues of leadership. Shortly after, being a consultant and advisor to boards of directors of public and private European companies, he realized that he could use his experiences to start a business. And so, together with his longtime friend Piotr Sliwinski (currently the CTO of Explain Everything), their first startup came to be: MorrisCooke, a software development studio that created several iPhone and iPad apps based on an innovative animation engine invented by Piotr and developed in-house. One of those apps, created in cooperation with Reshan Richards, a US-based educator and researcher, became an immediate success. Since 2012 Bart led the company as it was growing, started a new US-based venture, Explain Everything Inc., with offices in New York and Wroclaw, Poland, and finalized a $2M Round A investment. Bartosz is a native of Poland, speaks 4 languages, and holds degrees in math, computer science and economics. Privately, he’s a very competitive sportsman, passionate reader, and thinker.