Boguslaw Tomanek
University of Alberta, Department of Oncology
Dr. Boguslaw Tomanek’s area of interest comprises development of bioimaging and image-guided techniques, their applications and commercialization. Following his PhD degree in physics at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kraków, Dr. Tomanek joined the National Research Council of Canada where he headed the MR Technology Group. In 2000, he established the Institute for Biodiagnostics (West), Calgary, Canada. He is an author of 7 book chapters and 120 scientific papers. The value of industrial and research projects that he managed exceeds $30 millions. Among research projects he led is the first cross-Canada program on molecular imaging. Dr. Tomanek was a leader of a multidisciplinary team that developed the first intraoperative MRI with a movable magnet and was seconded to a spin-off, IMRIS Inc. He was a co-founder of a Polish-Canadian company producing open MRI systems. Currently Dr. Tomanek holds a position at the University of Alberta, Department of Oncology where he works on the MRI-guided radiation treatment unit. Dr. Tomanek is a recipient of several awards, including the Canadian Outstanding Team and Outstanding Individual Achievement Awards as well as the Federal Industrial Partnership Award. He holds several adjunct positions at universities in Canada and Europe.