James Murray
Co-Creator, Executive Producer and star of Impractical Jokers
James Murray is the Co-Creator, Executive Producer and star of the hit TV show Impractical Jokers, now in its 4th season on truTV. The show airs around the world on truTV, TBS and Comedy Central, and the original format has sold in more than 20 countries. The show reaches an important TV milestone this year, when it will surpass 100 episodes. In addition to filming the TV show, Murray tours the world performing live with the Impractical Jokers on stage. In between filming “Impractical Jokers” and touring, Murray is also the Senior Vice President of Development for NorthSouth Productions. He develops and pitches TV programs to all networks; with production credits spanning such networks as TruTV, TBS, A&E, Spike TV, MTV, TLC, ABC, Discovery, Speed, Fuse, the Military Channel, and National Geography.