Pedro Moneo
CEO and Founder of Opinno
He studied industrial engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and nuclear engineering at the Nuclear Commission of France. At 18, Pedro created Citybiking to facilitate visits around Madrid by bike. He began his career as a researcher at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. He was in charge of the attached general direction of FEDIT, the Spanish network of technology centers. In 2008, Pedro founded Opinno, a global consulting company that transforms innovation through design, prototyping and validating new products, services and business models using open innovation methodologies, agile development and user experience. Opinno is a strategic partner of the publication MIT Technology Review. Because of this alliance, Pedro is the director of the Spanish edition and also has the license to manage the global brand of Innovators Under 35 Awards which honors the talent of young entrepreneurs around the world. He also organizes EmTech (Emerging Technologies), the magazine’s largest conference in Latin America and Spain that brings together experts in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Pedro’s consultanting firm is partner of Harvard Business Review, and produced the first event in Spanish of this publication management: Harvard Business Review Summit in Mexico. In 2014, Pedro won the Eisenhower Fellowship, a selective program that seeks to enhance the professional capabilities and growth prospects for future progress in the fields of specialty of those who obtain it. Pedro, CEO Opinno, is angel investor in 3 companies (Core Photonics, Red Karaoke and Giga Trust) and supports several initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation for social development.