Palace of Culture and Science 


Plac Defilad 1 

Steve Jobs traveled to India for inspiration, Hemingway sought creativity in Havana, and Bill Gates used to create while sitting between the four walls of his garage.

The venue is very important and we are keenly aware of this. This is why each edition of Bitspiration is held in an extraordinary place that is an inspiration in itself.

This year we are inviting you to Palace of Culture and Science in the capital of Poland!

We have made the decision to move Bitspiration from Krakow to Warsaw. You’d ask WHY? Because Warsaw is a capital of Polish entrepreneurship, music, technology and science. With growing foreign interest in our event we want to promote our country, as well as be in the very centre of where the big things are happening!




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Palace of Culture and Science is definitely the best placed spots in Warsaw. Its location in the very middle of Warsaw allows you to  enjoy the best that our capital can offer.

Palace of Culture and Science turns out to be just the perfect place for our Festival of Internet, tech, science and culture. We are sure you will like it too!